Coca Cola Comes to Price Studios

  • Coco-Cola Comes to Price Studio

    Coca-Cola shot their newest ad for Coke Zero here at Price Studio's and our team was delighted to be part of the experience!

Why Price Studio

Coca-Cola chose to film their latest commercial for Coke Zero at Price Studio's because of the amazing facilities we offer. These include two full chroma key green screens, a white infinity cyclorama area, sound treated rooms, TV production galleries, a massive rehearsal space, and both a control room and live room for recording music.

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Price Studio's was honored to have Coca-Cola come in and take advantage of our fantastic Media Studio to shoot their new advertisement for Coca-Cola Zero. Happy to accommodate to all of their needs, we gave them full access to our amazing Green Room, and in return they left us the 'props' they used. This means our entire office is now full of endless amounts of Coke Zero, yum!