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Studio-1 is a perfect space for filming interviews, Live sound recordings and Photography. It has a large white infinity Cove, Viewing Gallery, Sound treated, Climate Controlled and can be connected to our broadcast centre.
Price Studio-1
is a 46m sq / 495 ft sq custom-designed, sound-treated space with separate white and chroma key infinity coves, which can be connected to our live broadcast centre. 

  • Studio Size: 46m-sq / 495ft-sq

  • Dimensions: 8.5m x 5m x 3m

  • White infinity Cove area

  • Green Screen Cove area

  • Lighting Grid: 3 ceiling mounted bars, 10 x Kino lights.

  • 2 x 4 bank laniro free-standing lights

  • Sound: The Studio is sound treated.

  • Electricity: 20 x13amp sockets at ceiling height. 14 at floor level.

  • Internet: Ethernet and Wifi connections available

Price Studios

Price Studios TV Studio 1 floor plan


At our London location, we have two sound treated Studios available to be hired. Studio 1 offers a large white infinity Cove. Studio 2 is a dedicated Green Screen Studio that has been treated for 4k ChromaKeying. 

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